Woman Files Multiple Lawsuits After Being Injured In An Intersection Accident

A woman is taking recourse after she was injured in a car accident in which she is claiming a truck driver ran a red light and hit her vehicle.

Amy Wysocki has filed a federal lawsuit against the driver, David Wayne Tackett and the company employing him, H.O.T. Express Inc. The facets of the suit against Tackett involve negligence and negligence for violating the transportation code by failing to yield the right way, failing to keep a proper lookout, failing to timely apply his brakes, failing to control his vehicle, failing to act and respond in a reasonable manner and for failing to control the speed of the vehicle. As for the company, Wysocki is accusing them of negligence for entrusting the truck driver or hiring and retaining an “unlicensed, incompetent and/or reckless driver.”

The cause of the grievances took place on April 10th as Wysocki was driving her 2001 Ford Explorer westbound on Jefferson Street in Gilmer. While going through an intersection, her vehicle collided with a truck who she says disregarded the red light that would have prevented the accident.

Whether or not Wysocki’s claim is true about Tackett’s alleged negligence, the reality is that accidents happen all the time with and without drivers acting carelessly. Since driving is undoubtedly a necessary risk that we all engage in, we must prepare cautiously in the event we do fall victim to such probabilities.

One way to do that is by retaining a skilled personal injury attorney who understands the pain you are going through and can help to ease that. This sort of misfortune can carry on past the physical hardships and become financial if not handled properly. The right attorney can prevent that and make sure you and your family are taken care of. 

Accident Leaves Truck Dangling Over Bridge

No it was not a scene from a movie being filmed on location, this was the real deal.

This is the 18 Wheeler Semi-Truck that was left hanging off of an I-30 Bridge over Trinity River just miles west of Dallas yesterday.

The Dallas trucker Accident happened at around 7:30 a.m. leaving all west bound lanes closed during peak morning traffic hours.

Though police reports have yet to release any information about what caused the accident, six people in total including the driver of the 18 wheeler were taken to the hospital and treated with non life threatening injuries.

The view from up top as crews clean up the wreck.

To add more complications and frustrations for drivers stuck on their way to work, ever dangerous and hazardous diesel fuel was said to have spilled everywhere from the the accident which force the closure to extend for over 5 hours.

If you or someone you know are injured in a trcuk accident or any other kind of vehicular collision, contact a personal injury and accident attorney in Dallas immediately.

Having the right representation ready from the start can make a big difference in getting the resolution you deserve.

Two Texas Motorcycle Policemen Escape Death in Unfortunate Accident

Two motorcycles officers are currently recovering from a brutal Dallas motorcycle crash after their two bikes were smashed into by a red Camry who claims to have been avoiding another car that stopped suddenly in front of him.

New to the unit and former SWAT officer, Senior Cpl. Michael Keating was being trained by fellow officer Senior Cpl. Wayne Nichols when their motorcycles collided with the Camry heading north on R.L. Thorton Freeway. The officers were transported to separate hospitals with non life-threatening injuries and are now accompanied by their loved ones who are supporting them during their recovery.

As for whether or not the driver of the Camry will be charged with any criminal act, Assistant Chief Charles Cato states, “The investigation is early on, where it’s too early to determine whether the driver of the other private vehicle is going to face any charge or not.  It appears that, at least at this point, it was an accident.”

While being lucky enough to be one of those who never has to experience an accident is anyone’s first choice, it is the way of the world that some accidents just happen, like the aforementioned, and the only decision you have in any of this is how to react to it.

Do not let your future be hindered by the financial challenges that can arise from such a catastrophe if handled improperly. Retain a personal injury who is skilled in this field of law and can make sure that you are fully compensated financially for this unfortunate incident.

These are tough times where the victim needs all the support they can get. A skilled attorney should be one of those supporters.

Wes Swank of Hayman Capital Dies in Car Accident

“I go to work every day with people smarter than me, who are better at what they do than me. I go to the gym every day and work out with people stronger and faster than me. I spend my spare time with friends and family whose values and quality of character I aspire to reflect. For all of these reasons, I get a little better, every day.”

Wes Swank, a young managing director at Hayman Capital Management LP, was tragically killed in a car accident this week in Dalls, Texas.

The 31 year-old was pronounced dead at the scene after his Mercedes for an unknown reason ran off of the road and into a tree. According to reports the accident happened less than a mile from his Dallas home.

In an email to friends and colleagues, Kyle Bass, founder of the successful Texas hedge fund had this to say, “It is amazing how we have so much and so little control over our lives at the same time. Wes was one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, caring and vibrant individuals I have ever known. We are suffering a profound and deep sense of loss throughout the entire Hayman family, and our world has been forever changed by the loss of this great man.”

The Harvard product joined Hayman in 2010 after a successful career with Citigroup Inc. where he had made several impressive investment decision during his tenure.

Additionally Swank was a well-liked speaker at high profile investment conferences where attendees stood to make a lot of money from his suggestions.

Most notably was his recommendation of the oil and gas producer McMoRan Exploration Co. (MMR) in 2011 which is now worth nearly 30% more of its value since the conference. This coming in a year where the Russell 2000 Energy Index declined 11 percent.

Investments aside, Swank will be more importantly remembered through his wife and three month old daughter.


The Fight Against Distracted Driving Continues Despite Setbacks

It is going to take more than bipartisan support to fight the fast growing problem of distracted driving in the state of Texas.

One strong advocate of the bill is Jeanne Brown, the mother of a deceased 17-year-old daughter who died her senior year of high school in a crash that happened while she was driving and texting on the way to school. Since her daughter’s death, Brown and her family have made it their mission to travel to high schools and share their daughter’s story, hoping to educate the students in a way that prevents them from contributing to the perilous world of distracted driving. Brown understands that this might be an empty effort in some cases, saying “I know some kids will walk away thinking, “it’s never going to happen to me.” Our daughter said that.” Nonetheless, they remain committed to the fight against such driving and will take exotic measures to get their point across.

During the last legislative session, a bill was presented that would ban distracted driving statewide. As the legislators walked into the State Capitol, they were forced to walk by the wrecked turck of Alex Brown, which was placed there by her mother, as a final reminder to why they need to vote in favor of the bill.

Brown’s iconic imagery must have left a mark in the legislators’ minds, as both chambers voted in favor of the bill. However, this was not enough, as Governor Rick Perry ended up vetoing the bill explaining that such a bill would be “a government effort to micromanage the behavior of adults.”

Even so, the veto is not the end of the road for such legislation. Rep. Tom Craddick, R-Midland, has filed another piece of legislation on the first day of pre-file legislation that would also ban texting while driving, but differently, this bill would allow:

  • You would still be able to dial a number on your phone
  • Use your GPS
  • Use a hands-free device

Craddick, who named the bill after Alex Brown, believes that that “the Texas Legislature has a responsibility to give our law enforcement officers the tools they need to make our roadways safer.” Already, Craddick’s office reports, 25 Texas cities have laws to ban texting while driving with 39 of the 50 states having statewide laws to do so.

In the meantime, Brown and her family will continue to educate the youth about the dangers of distracted driving and hope that at least a few are impacted. Their words have reached one high school student, who after a visit from Jeanne Brown, said that “I don’t want my siblings to ever have to go through that, and I don’t want my parent’s to ever have to plan my funeral.”

Driving is dangerous enough, with unexpected, but avoidable obstacles constantly presenting themselves. These obstacles become unavoidable when the driver is not paying attention and as a result, is not able to safely maneuver resulting in a crash. Whether the laws exist or not, take it upon yourself to make the road a safer place by placing your phone in a place that makes the distractions it offers inaccessible.

If, unfortunately, you have fallen victim to such negligence, get in touch with an accomplished Dallas attorney who specializes in accident and injury cases and who knows how to successfully litigate in the relative law and can make sure that you are not forced to face financial sufferings on top of the physical and emotional ones.

Drunk Driving Accident Claims the Life of NFL Linebacker

Cowboy fans and players alike show their respect Sunday for the passing of Linebacker Jerry Brown

One Dallas Cowboy is left dead and another is behind bars after a car accident caused by drunk driving in Irving, TX.

According to reports, Lineman Josh Brent was driving himself and teammate Jerry Brown along Highway 114 after a night out early Saturday morning.

While there were no witnesses present at the time of the accident, according to reports Brent ran his Mercedes into a divider along the freeway causing the vehicle to flip over and catch on fire.

When police arrived they say that Brent was attempting to pull Brown out of the fiery vehicle which was soon after extinguished by the local fire department.

Paramedics rushed the unresponsive Brown to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Meanwhile Brent, who managed to escape the accident with only minor bumps and bruises, failed a field sobriety test and remained incarcerated during the Cowboys narrow victory over the Cincinnati Bengals over the weekend.

He is now faces a felony count of intoxicated manslaughter and is free on $500,000 bail.

The Irving Police Department is asking that if anyone has any information or may have seen the accident to contact them at 972-721-2762.



Family Reunites With Puppy After Car Accident

If you ever wonder whether Homeward Bound like miracles ever happen in real life, this is the story for you.

A Texas family is reunited with their three month-old puppy after a 100 car pile up auto accident near Dallas, TX this thanksgiving weekend separated them.

Navy Lopez, along with her 6 year-old son Ortiz and the mixed breed Bo, where driving along the I-10 Thanksgiving morning when the massive collision caused their Jeep to spin off of the road.

Thankfully Navy and her son were able to escape the wrecked vehicle unharmed. However, as they reached in to the vehicle to retrieve Bo, the startled pup ran off like a bat out of hell into the distance.

Lopez and her son searched for their lost dog for hours before deciding it was time to go home and rejuvenate after the days events.

Navy described her son Ortiz as being heartbroken over the loss of his furry companion and could not speak of anything else the entire day.

Meanwhile back at the wreckage, tow truck driver Blake Jones was clearing up the scene when he saw the slobbery ball of energy reeking havoc along the road.

Jones, determined to find his owners, took the little yeller into his truck and sent a couple of pictures to his girlfriend.

Lo and behold, through the miraculous powers of social media, she posted the pictures online and within hours an excited 6 year-old and his couch cushion eating monster were once again back together again.

Maybe not as epic as the amazing dog talking movie that occupied a lot of my time as a child, but still every bit as touching.


Truck Driver Health in Texas

Truck Driver Health in Texas

The profession of truck driving is one of the unhealthiest in today’s working class. The work is sedentary, the hours are long and the locations are typically inconvenient for those who want to embark on a healthy lifestyle.

The health structure and routine of the average healthy American is illogical and unavailable for truck drivers. Most people hit the gym and cook health-conscious meals at home in order to stay fit, but truck drivers don’t have that luxury. Only 8% of truck drivers exercise regularly, compared to 49% of the general population. Affordable dining on the road is almost always high in calories, fried and filled with preservatives.

86% of the estimated 3.2 million truck drivers who are working today in the U.S. are overweight or obese. In 2007, 12% of truck driver accidents that were caused by driver error occurred because the driver was experiencing a health problem.

Brett Blowers, director of marketing and development for the Healthy Trucking Association of America conducted a blood pressure screening of more than 2,000 drivers and sent 21 of them directly to the emergency room. One of them had a heart attack on the way there.

Multiple programs are popping up that are attempting to tackle the truck driver health problem. Lindora Clinic recently launched their “Lean for Life On-the-Road” exercise and nutrition program for the trucking community. Travel Centers of America/Petro has built locations that are equipped with fitness rooms, walking trails and healthier food available at their stops.

Regular health visits are difficult for drivers to maintain because of their long hours and ever-changing schedule. However, trucking companies that require regular doctor visits are not only seeing healthier employees, but are also saving money. Trucks Inc. has saved $250,000 in medical insurance costs since mandating annual physicals rather than biannual physicals.

Organizations like the Trucking Solutions Group and Healthy Trucking Association of America are working with diet and exercise programs and truck stop businesses, and are taking steps to promote a healthier lifestyle among the trucking community.

If you are involved in a truck accident in the state of Texas it is important to contact an experienced and knowledgable truck accident attorney in your area to legally represent you.  Parker McDonald is a Dallas personal injury law firm with some of the most successful truck accident attorneys in the state of Texas.  Contact for a free legal consultation.


One Final Act of Courage

Four military veterans are dead after the trailer they were on gets trapped on the railroad tracks as a passing train comes colliding in to them.

As the train fast approached the trailer, which was trapped on the track between multiple cars, Army Sgt. Joshua Michael, of 34, acted heroically one final time as he saved the life of his wife by throwing her off the train seconds before the collision. Michael’s family writes that it was “an ultimate act of courage” that Michael had always exhibited through his two tours in Iraq.

The trailer was part of Midland, Texas’s annual Hunt for Heroes parade that honors military veterans by giving them an expense paid hunting trip. Along with Michael, Army Sgt. Maj. Gary Stouffer, 37, Sgt. Lawrence Boivin, 47, and Sgt. Maj. William Lubbers were also killed during the collision. The trailer was carrying twelve veterans and their wives as well as two helping civilians. Another four were hospitalized and remain in critical condition, including Michael’s wife.

The town of Midland responds admirably to this tragedy, rallying together to remember the lives of those who were lost and providing support for each other and the families of the deceased. It is times like these, when people are forced to be broken down and then built back up, that we need people around us who are willing to help us restart our lives and remember those who are not in them anymore.

The right accident attorney in Dallas, TX can be a part of this rebuilding process, making sure that you are taken care of legally and financially. Be prepared and retain a personal injury attorney who can lighten the healing and help you through these unfortunate times.

State Highway 130 Reports its First Fatal Accident

The newly opened SH130 claimed its first life in Mustang Ridge over the weekend.

60 year-old Martha Harris was pronounced dead on the scene after her Honda Civic collided with a Chevy Tahoe Sunday afternoon. Though this was not the first accident since the road opened on October 24, it is being considered the most tragic.

The highway, also known as the Pickle Parkway, is a 45 mile stretch of road that is more infamously known for having the highest speed limit in the country at 85 MPH.

Police are still investigating what exactly caused the accident and have yet to release any information as to how fast the vehicles were traveling at the time of the accident.

Luckily the passengers in the Tahoe were reportedly okay and suffered only minor injuries that were treated on site by paramedics.

Though accidents are obviously a common occurrence between vehicles on any stretch of road, the 85 MPH limit does raise questions as to whether the road is too dangerous for drivers to handle.

Governor Rick Perry has hailed the new highway as a “historic” accomplishment for the state of Texas. Additionally, supporters claim that the new speed limit will lead to higher productivity and offer drivers less time on the road giving them more time to spend with their families.

Regardless of the rewards, it goes without saying that this new experiment from Texas officials is adding even more dangers for drivers in our great state.

Be prepared and always have a personal injury and accident attorney in Dallas ready should you ever need legal help.