Four military veterans are dead after the trailer they were on gets trapped on the railroad tracks as a passing train comes colliding in to them.

As the train fast approached the trailer, which was trapped on the track between multiple cars, Army Sgt. Joshua Michael, of 34, acted heroically one final time as he saved the life of his wife by throwing her off the train seconds before the collision. Michael’s family writes that it was “an ultimate act of courage” that Michael had always exhibited through his two tours in Iraq.

The trailer was part of Midland, Texas’s annual Hunt for Heroes parade that honors military veterans by giving them an expense paid hunting trip. Along with Michael, Army Sgt. Maj. Gary Stouffer, 37, Sgt. Lawrence Boivin, 47, and Sgt. Maj. William Lubbers were also killed during the collision. The trailer was carrying twelve veterans and their wives as well as two helping civilians. Another four were hospitalized and remain in critical condition, including Michael’s wife.

The town of Midland responds admirably to this tragedy, rallying together to remember the lives of those who were lost and providing support for each other and the families of the deceased. It is times like these, when people are forced to be broken down and then built back up, that we need people around us who are willing to help us restart our lives and remember those who are not in them anymore.

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