“I go to work every day with people smarter than me, who are better at what they do than me. I go to the gym every day and work out with people stronger and faster than me. I spend my spare time with friends and family whose values and quality of character I aspire to reflect. For all of these reasons, I get a little better, every day.”

Wes Swank, a young managing director at Hayman Capital Management LP, was tragically killed in a car accident this week in Dalls, Texas.

The 31 year-old was pronounced dead at the scene after his Mercedes for an unknown reason ran off of the road and into a tree. According to reports the accident happened less than a mile from his Dallas home.

In an email to friends and colleagues, Kyle Bass, founder of the successful Texas hedge fund had this to say, “It is amazing how we have so much and so little control over our lives at the same time. Wes was one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, caring and vibrant individuals I have ever known. We are suffering a profound and deep sense of loss throughout the entire Hayman family, and our world has been forever changed by the loss of this great man.”

The Harvard product joined Hayman in 2010 after a successful career with Citigroup Inc. where he had made several impressive investment decision during his tenure.

Additionally Swank was a well-liked speaker at high profile investment conferences where attendees stood to make a lot of money from his suggestions.

Most notably was his recommendation of the oil and gas producer McMoRan Exploration Co. (MMR) in 2011 which is now worth nearly 30% more of its value since the conference. This coming in a year where the Russell 2000 Energy Index declined 11 percent.

Investments aside, Swank will be more importantly remembered through his wife and three month old daughter.