If you ever wonder whether Homeward Bound like miracles ever happen in real life, this is the story for you.

A Texas family is reunited with their three month-old puppy after a 100 car pile up auto accident near Dallas, TX this thanksgiving weekend separated them.

Navy Lopez, along with her 6 year-old son Ortiz and the mixed breed Bo, where driving along the I-10 Thanksgiving morning when the massive collision caused their Jeep to spin off of the road.

Thankfully Navy and her son were able to escape the wrecked vehicle unharmed. However, as they reached in to the vehicle to retrieve Bo, the startled pup ran off like a bat out of hell into the distance.

Lopez and her son searched for their lost dog for hours before deciding it was time to go home and rejuvenate after the days events.

Navy described her son Ortiz as being heartbroken over the loss of his furry companion and could not speak of anything else the entire day.

Meanwhile back at the wreckage, tow truck driver Blake Jones was clearing up the scene when he saw the slobbery ball of energy reeking havoc along the road.

Jones, determined to find his owners, took the little yeller into his truck and sent a couple of pictures to his girlfriend.

Lo and behold, through the miraculous powers of social media, she posted the pictures online and within hours an excited 6 year-old and his couch cushion eating monster were once again back together again.

Maybe not as epic as the amazing dog talking movie that occupied a lot of my time as a child, but still every bit as touching.