A woman is taking recourse after she was injured in a car accident in which she is claiming a truck driver ran a red light and hit her vehicle.

Amy Wysocki has filed a federal lawsuit against the driver, David Wayne Tackett and the company employing him, H.O.T. Express Inc. The facets of the suit against Tackett involve negligence and negligence for violating the transportation code by failing to yield the right way, failing to keep a proper lookout, failing to timely apply his brakes, failing to control his vehicle, failing to act and respond in a reasonable manner and for failing to control the speed of the vehicle. As for the company, Wysocki is accusing them of negligence for entrusting the truck driver or hiring and retaining an “unlicensed, incompetent and/or reckless driver.”

The cause of the grievances took place on April 10th as Wysocki was driving her 2001 Ford Explorer westbound on Jefferson Street in Gilmer. While going through an intersection, her vehicle collided with a truck who she says disregarded the red light that would have prevented the accident.

Whether or not Wysocki’s claim is true about Tackett’s alleged negligence, the reality is that accidents happen all the time with and without drivers acting carelessly. Since driving is undoubtedly a necessary risk that we all engage in, we must prepare cautiously in the event we do fall victim to such probabilities.

One way to do that is by retaining a skilled personal injury attorney who understands the pain you are going through and can help to ease that. This sort of misfortune can carry on past the physical hardships and become financial if not handled properly. The right attorney can prevent that and make sure you and your family are taken care of.