Truck Driver Health in Texas

Truck Driver Health in Texas

The profession of truck driving is one of the unhealthiest in today’s working class. The work is sedentary, the hours are long and the locations are typically inconvenient for those who want to embark on a healthy lifestyle.

The health structure and routine of the average healthy American is illogical and unavailable for truck drivers. Most people hit the gym and cook health-conscious meals at home in order to stay fit, but truck drivers don’t have that luxury. Only 8% of truck drivers exercise regularly, compared to 49% of the general population. Affordable dining on the road is almost always high in calories, fried and filled with preservatives.

86% of the estimated 3.2 million truck drivers who are working today in the U.S. are overweight or obese. In 2007, 12% of truck driver accidents that were caused by driver error occurred because the driver was experiencing a health problem.

Brett Blowers, director of marketing and development for the Healthy Trucking Association of America conducted a blood pressure screening of more than 2,000 drivers and sent 21 of them directly to the emergency room. One of them had a heart attack on the way there.

Multiple programs are popping up that are attempting to tackle the truck driver health problem. Lindora Clinic recently launched their “Lean for Life On-the-Road” exercise and nutrition program for the trucking community. Travel Centers of America/Petro has built locations that are equipped with fitness rooms, walking trails and healthier food available at their stops.

Regular health visits are difficult for drivers to maintain because of their long hours and ever-changing schedule. However, trucking companies that require regular doctor visits are not only seeing healthier employees, but are also saving money. Trucks Inc. has saved $250,000 in medical insurance costs since mandating annual physicals rather than biannual physicals.

Organizations like the Trucking Solutions Group and Healthy Trucking Association of America are working with diet and exercise programs and truck stop businesses, and are taking steps to promote a healthier lifestyle among the trucking community.

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One Final Act of Courage

Four military veterans are dead after the trailer they were on gets trapped on the railroad tracks as a passing train comes colliding in to them.

As the train fast approached the trailer, which was trapped on the track between multiple cars, Army Sgt. Joshua Michael, of 34, acted heroically one final time as he saved the life of his wife by throwing her off the train seconds before the collision. Michael’s family writes that it was “an ultimate act of courage” that Michael had always exhibited through his two tours in Iraq.

The trailer was part of Midland, Texas’s annual Hunt for Heroes parade that honors military veterans by giving them an expense paid hunting trip. Along with Michael, Army Sgt. Maj. Gary Stouffer, 37, Sgt. Lawrence Boivin, 47, and Sgt. Maj. William Lubbers were also killed during the collision. The trailer was carrying twelve veterans and their wives as well as two helping civilians. Another four were hospitalized and remain in critical condition, including Michael’s wife.

The town of Midland responds admirably to this tragedy, rallying together to remember the lives of those who were lost and providing support for each other and the families of the deceased. It is times like these, when people are forced to be broken down and then built back up, that we need people around us who are willing to help us restart our lives and remember those who are not in them anymore.

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State Highway 130 Reports its First Fatal Accident

The newly opened SH130 claimed its first life in Mustang Ridge over the weekend.

60 year-old Martha Harris was pronounced dead on the scene after her Honda Civic collided with a Chevy Tahoe Sunday afternoon. Though this was not the first accident since the road opened on October 24, it is being considered the most tragic.

The highway, also known as the Pickle Parkway, is a 45 mile stretch of road that is more infamously known for having the highest speed limit in the country at 85 MPH.

Police are still investigating what exactly caused the accident and have yet to release any information as to how fast the vehicles were traveling at the time of the accident.

Luckily the passengers in the Tahoe were reportedly okay and suffered only minor injuries that were treated on site by paramedics.

Though accidents are obviously a common occurrence between vehicles on any stretch of road, the 85 MPH limit does raise questions as to whether the road is too dangerous for drivers to handle.

Governor Rick Perry has hailed the new highway as a “historic” accomplishment for the state of Texas. Additionally, supporters claim that the new speed limit will lead to higher productivity and offer drivers less time on the road giving them more time to spend with their families.

Regardless of the rewards, it goes without saying that this new experiment from Texas officials is adding even more dangers for drivers in our great state.

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Red Light Running Causes Four Car Accident

Authorities are still investigated what may have happened when a four car accident left three hospitalized in Lufkin Sunday afternoon.

Officers report that the Chevy Truck and a Jeep that were involved in the accident were sitting at the stop light on North Raguet awaiting to get on the 103 highway. The multi car collision occurred when a Gold Aztec SUV, coming from the 103 off ramp, was hit by a Scion traveling South at the intersection.

The collision sent one of the vehicles into the direction of the Chevy and Jeep where significant damage occurred to all vehicles involved.

Police know that someone ran the red light, but conflicting reports from the drivers all point the finger at one another claiming they themselves had the right of way.

Ultimately police will sort it our once those who were taken to the hospital can be questioned.

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Man Convicted in Towing Diaster

Man Convicted in Towing Diaster

The family of deceased Denise Polinchak can finally have some closure in their case against the man that killed her.

Robert Wickham, 56, was convicted on charges of homicide by motor vehicle, two counts of driving under the influence and additional summary. He will be in a state prison for four to eight years.

The incident occurred in March of 2011 when Polinchak was having her car towed because of issues she was having with her brakes. While Wickham was sitting in the driver’s seat of Polinchak’s car with the door open, the car accelerated striking Polinchak with the open door and knocking her to the pavement. Polinchak would eventually die hours later at the Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center. It was determined by prosecution that Wickham had consumed three 24-ounce cans of beer before he was dispatched by his employer.

Denise Polinchak’s death was unexpected, unwarranted, and at the hands of negligent actions. The pain it undoubtedly brought her family cannot be explained to anyone unless they have been misfortunate enough to go through it themselves. The recovery process can be long and painful, and though a specialized attorney cannot bring people such as Denise Polinchak back, but an experienced injury lawyer in the Dallas area can make sure that you are taken care of legally and financially. Get in touch with a personal injury/ wrongful death attorney to help you with these troubling times.

Drunk Driver Kills 2 Then Attempts to Flee Scene

A drunk driver killed two, injured others, and had the audacity to try and flee the scene of the crime.

The accident happened last Tuesday night at the intersection of Military Parkway and Jim Miller Road. Reports say 34-year-old Leodegario Hernandez Juarez of Irving ran a red light in his Ford F-150 causing him to slam into two other vehicles.

The accident left debris everywhere along the intersection as impact caused one of the cars to slam into a pole leaving it completely totaled.

Reports claim that the suspect then got out of his truck and attempted to flee the scene of the accident. That is when witnesses chased and tackled Juarez to the ground until police officials could arrive.

Tragically the two that were killed in the accident were identified as 49-year-old James Carr and 43-year-old Lashun Russell of Dallas. Additionally, an 8 year old child is currently being treated at the Children Medical Center and is listed to be in critical condition.

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Typing and Driving, a Policeman’s Kryptonite

Typing and Driving, a Policeman’s Kryptonite

Police officers are undeniably and rightfully given rights that the normal citizen does not have so that they can better protect and serve their communities. However, when these additions conflict with their ability to protect and serve, when do we say enough is enough?

As technology, and more directly, phones, become a daily necessity, new laws are being written and enforced that react to this new obsession. One of those is texting while driving in which more and more people are receiving citations of breaking such a law that indisputably distracts a person’s ability to safely drive. Without directly declaring hypocrisy, an Arlingon, Texas news station has investigated and published results declaring 18 accidents in the last year which were the results of police officers typing in their on board computer while driving. Texting is scary enough, but typing demands even more attention and thus less ability to carefully drive. One woman driving with her child reports sitting at a light where she saw the policeman clearly distracted on his computer as he was driving towards her car. She tried to stop him by waving her hands but was unsuccessful in her efforts as the policeman’s car collided into hers. Luckily no one was hurt, but in other cases the victims have not been so fortunate.

While police departments and even the Mayor of Arlington maintain that this is not an issue to be concerned with, national police trainer Keith Wenzel argues differently stating, “I mean every police department that says they don’t have a problem with driving – distracted driving – or crashes has their head in the sand – every single police department has an issue.”

Though measures have been taken to find a solution to this problem, with the Chief of Police making changes to the department’s written department that will now require policeman to pull over and stop when they use their on board computers, it is undeniable the reality of this issue. No one argues that it was never any policeman’s intention to collide with someone while typing and driving, just as no one argues that it is never someone’s goal to collide with someone while texting and driving, but the truth of it is that if a trained policeman can fall victim to an accident, so too can just about anyone at probably even a greater likelihood.

If you or someone you know has recently been involved with such careless and negligent actions, get in touch with your attorney now so that the healing can begin and the maximum compensation can be attained. You may have just fallen victim to an accident, do not let yourself fall victim to the insurance providers as well.

Fort Hood Soldier Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Fort Hood Soldier Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Timothy Laurence Singleterry was pronounced dead at 2:41p.m. at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center after a tragic motorcycle accident in Dallas, TX.

The accident occurred a little after 2 p.m. in the 400 block of south Fort Hood St. last Sunday.

Reports say the 37 year-old was riding his motorcycle northbound when a white Dodge Charger making a left onto southbound traffic unknowingly crossed paths with his motorcycle Singleterry’s Motorcycle clipped rear end of the Charger sending him off his bike and into oncoming traffic. Authorities say that the driver of a Honda Civic was unable to avoid the motorcyclist and tragically ran him over.

While the Killeen Police Department is still investigating the accident, our condolences go out to the family he leaves behind.

If you or a loved one is injured or even worst killed in a motorcycle accident, contact an accident and injury lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents in the Dallas, TX area immediately. While nothing can bring back the memory of a family member, holding the guilty party accountable can at the very least put you one step closer to closure.


2 Car Crash in Forsyth County Killed One

2 Car Crash in Forsyth County Killed One

Monday night, a devastating car accident involving two cars in Forsyth County killed one person.

The N.C. Highway Patrol reported that a 2002 Honda Sedan veered right off Mountain Street near Doe Run Drive around 10:15 PM. The car lost control and then spun back across the roadway and crossed the center line hitting a passing 1993 Honda Sedan.

The driver of the passing struck vehicle, Dallas Cade Hunt, 19 was taken to the hospital and treated for serious but non life threatening injuries.

The driver’s car however continued down the embankment and flipped over killing the driver that has not yet been identified by police. The Highway Patrol reported that there was no indication of speed or alcohol but investigators are still looking into what could have been the exact cause of the accident. The family of the victim is still trying to be properly located and no charges have been filed.

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Victim of Car Accident Couldn’t Get Through to 911

A Dallas resident, Kelvin Crowe made multiple attempts to reach 911 after his fiancé was injured by a car rear-ending their vehicle on Interstate 45. He reached busy signals and never got through to the call center after 4 attempts.

Crowe proceeded to get out of the car to flag down a vehicle when he was hit by a passing car and suffered a broken arm and severely bruised leg. Seeking medical attention, Crowe finally reached 911 from another passing car’s cell phone.

Dallas City officials say that it is not possible to reach a busy signal and there was no record that his call ever got to the call center. A city statement expects that it was a problem with Crowe’s cell carrier, however T-mobile denied that there was a problem.

It is unsure as to as to the exact reason why the calls placed to 911 were never successfully made.  All victims of auto accidents caused by the negligence of another driver in the Dallas area should contact an experienced Dallas car crash attorney for a free legal consultation.