Police officers are undeniably and rightfully given rights that the normal citizen does not have so that they can better protect and serve their communities. However, when these additions conflict with their ability to protect and serve, when do we say enough is enough?

As technology, and more directly, phones, become a daily necessity, new laws are being written and enforced that react to this new obsession. One of those is texting while driving in which more and more people are receiving citations of breaking such a law that indisputably distracts a person’s ability to safely drive. Without directly declaring hypocrisy, an Arlingon, Texas news station has investigated and published results declaring 18 accidents in the last year which were the results of police officers typing in their on board computer while driving. Texting is scary enough, but typing demands even more attention and thus less ability to carefully drive. One woman driving with her child reports sitting at a light where she saw the policeman clearly distracted on his computer as he was driving towards her car. She tried to stop him by waving her hands but was unsuccessful in her efforts as the policeman’s car collided into hers. Luckily no one was hurt, but in other cases the victims have not been so fortunate.

While police departments and even the Mayor of Arlington maintain that this is not an issue to be concerned with, national police trainer Keith Wenzel argues differently stating, “I mean every police department that says they don’t have a problem with driving – distracted driving – or crashes has their head in the sand – every single police department has an issue.”

Though measures have been taken to find a solution to this problem, with the Chief of Police making changes to the department’s written department that will now require policeman to pull over and stop when they use their on board computers, it is undeniable the reality of this issue. No one argues that it was never any policeman’s intention to collide with someone while typing and driving, just as no one argues that it is never someone’s goal to collide with someone while texting and driving, but the truth of it is that if a trained policeman can fall victim to an accident, so too can just about anyone at probably even a greater likelihood.

If you or someone you know has recently been involved with such careless and negligent actions, get in touch with your attorney now so that the healing can begin and the maximum compensation can be attained. You may have just fallen victim to an accident, do not let yourself fall victim to the insurance providers as well.