Two passengers are now dead after the driver’s reckless decisions behind the wheel caused the car to crash into a utility pole.

During their lunch break, a group of Brandeis High School students decided to have a little fun and race vehicles on the eastbound Loop 1604 access road. When the driver of the silver Mitsubishi Lancer tried to pass a dually truck, the dually, unaware of the cars presence, began to turn left causing the Lancer to run off the road and eventually into a utility pole.

Police reports indicate that there were three female passengers in the carwith the male driver, all of whom were taken to the University Hospital to be treated for serious injuries. However, as noted earlier, two of the passengers were not able to survive the crash and are now dead. The second death was not pronounced till the following day when the victim was taken off life support.

The deceased, identified as Gabriela Lerma and Georgina Rodriquez, are deeply missed by her peers at the high school. One of the students, senior Jacob Longoria, talked to reporters saying that when he came out of class, he saw students everywhere bawling and that “we’re hurt, for sure, we’re definitely hurt.”

Pascual Gonzalez, NISD spokesman, hopes that this tragic event serves in the very least as a message to the students of how quickly life can change. Having fun and pushing the limits has its consequences, and Gonzalez hopes that by the students realizing this harsh truth can better prevent them from engaging in such unsafe actions.

The sad reality of this incident is that it will not be the last. Whether it is through recklessĀ behaviorĀ or sheer misfortune, accidents are a part of driving and can many times not be avoided.

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