A man was discovered after being robbed and kidnapped, when his two captors were pulled over in a truck for speeding in Dallas County.

Deputies pulled the truck over at 12:15 in the morning of Sunday, December 30, 2011 when 34-year-old Manuel Torres exited the vehicle and claimed to have been kidnapped and robbed following a traffic accident in Texas. The sheriff’s department says that the deputy “noticed a strong alcohol odor from the driver and began the field sobriety tests,” when Torres stepped out of the car to reveal the true situation at hand.

After the two vehicles collided earlier that evening in Dallas, TX, the suspects demanded money for the damages, then proceeded to rob and kidnap Torres. Torres told deputies that he was forced to take the two men to his house to get property to cover the damages. The deputies then searched for evidence and found money and other property that didn’t belong to the two kidnappers.

Gregory Ramos Guzman, 43, and Ruben Segoviano, 38, were being held in the Dallas County Jail, and both face charges of aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping.