If you or a loved one were injured by a big rig or a large commercial vehicle and you suspect the driver was being negligent, call a Texas trucking attorney skilled in Texas personal injury law to discuss your case.

Recent studies have shown that mobile is changing the way consumers and industries do business. One particular survey hosted by shipping company Uship noted that now more than 7 out of 10 truck drivers use mobile devices for business purposes.

26,000 truck drivers were surveyed, some interesting facts include:

  • 26% use their phones for social media
  • 25% use a basic phone
  • Android phones are used more than twice as often as iPhones
  • >50% said that the national ban on texting didn’t change their behavior on the road

Although we undoubtedly live in a world that continues to thrive through mobile devices, it is important to remember that vehicular safety is always strictly adhered to. Whether it be commercial truck driver or commuter vehicle, distracted driving caused more than 18% of all vehicular accidents this past year alone. Driving while texting increases your chance of crashing 23 times, and is similar to having multiple alcoholic beverages in your system.