North Texas Drunk Driving Accident

North Texas Drunk Driving Accident

After leaving a Fort Worth movie theatre one night at the end of January this year, Amy Anders, 23, and a friend we’re struck by a drunk driver.

The driver, 29 Alan Michael McKinney was intoxicated when he T-boned Amy’s car, killing her instantly. Anders was almost finished with nursing school, and planned to graduate next year. Ander’s family is devastated by the loss of Amy. Her father told news reporters  “you couldn’t have asked for a better kid. I thought losing my mom was hard but losing a [daughter], there’s nothing to describe that.”

The driver, McKinney was a civilian employee since 2006 and has been suspended from his job.

Anders was laid to rest peacefully.

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Another Cowboy, Another DUI

Jay Ratliff arrested for a DUI just weeks after teammate Jerry Brown was killed in an alcohol induced accident.

Jay Ratliff, defensive linemen for the Dallas Cowboys, was arrested for driving under the influence.

The news comes just weeks after the lose of teammate Jerry Brown who was killed in an accident when fellow Cowboy Josh Brent crashed their vehicle while driving under the influence.

The arrest happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning off East State Highway 114 after Ratliff crashed his 2011 Ford truck into an 18 wheeler off East State Highway 114.

According to reports, Ratliff was initially driving ahead of the truck before finding his way to the right lane and inexplicably crashing his vehicle into the semi and off the road.

Soon after police arrived they picked up the scent of alcohol on the linemen and took him in for a DWI. The subsequent tests revealed that Ratliff had a BAC of %0.16. That is exactly twice the legal limit in Texas.

Luckily neither Ratliff or the driver of the semi were injured in the accident.

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